Powered Pallet Trucks

Our Powered Pallet Truck Range are powerful and very effective. Available in different makes and models, these material handling equipment products can be used in a variety of indoor applications. These trucks are easy to use and manoeuvre.

If you can’t see the correct Powered Pallet Truck for your business please give us a call on 0141 333 0400 and we can provide you with the most suited solution.

  • Record SPR15L Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Truck

    £1,095.00 +VAT
  • Record SQR15H Ultra Compact Fully Powered Pallet Truck

    RECORD SQR15H Ultra Compact Fully Powered Pallet Truck for medium pallet handling applications

    – Model SQR15H – Max. load capacity: 1500kg
    – Ideal fork dimensions: 1150mm x 550mm (different fork options available) perfect for handling most types of pallets
    – Electric lift and drive
    – Modern, compact + light design makes the SQR15H suitable for application in a variety of warehouses, supermarkets and even on large lorries
    – Incredibly smooth travel and lift combined with multi-functional controls greatly help reduce product damage and increase productivity
    – Very light at 275kg including battery
    – Brand new maintenance-free, pollutionfree battery that is longer discharging and requires significantly shorter time to recharge than previous models
    – Advanced 0.8 kW pump motor that both enhances the SQR15H power and reduces its energy consumption
    – High efficiency DC drive wheels with great power
    – Drive unit is equipped with an electro-magnetic brake
    – Curtis 1243 industrial grade controller with high reliability and perfect speed control.
    – Cooling fan to reduce driving motor temperature allowing high frequency usage.
    – One piece fork with 8mm thickness for high durability.
    – Built in charger with a standard 3 pin plug.

    from: £1,680.00 +VAT
  • Warrior WREPT12-EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck

    • 1200kg load capacity
    • Fully powered drive/lift and same size as a manual pallet truck
    • Easy to use
    • 100% charge in 2.5 hours – 50% charge in 30 minutes
    • Ergonomically design with reduced noise
    • Battery discharge indicator
    • E Stop
    • The future of Pallet Trucks!
    £1,899.00 +VAT
  • STILL ECU 15C Compact Powered Pallet Truck

    Model RefFork Size
    ECU 15C540 x 11501500

    Whether in industry, trade or logistics – the ECU 15 C, is a great alternative to hand pallet trucks. The low-lift truck has a variety of qualities: driving, lifting, lowering – all these processes are carried out electrically and without force. Compact and maneuverable, the efficient storage helper transports loads weighing up to 1.5 tonnes, while the machine itself weighs just 200 kg – including the battery. The ECU 15 C is therefore ideally suited for use on intermediate levels, in load elevators or as a trailer for trucks, especially when loaded and unloaded via a lifting platform.

    Thanks to the display, the operator is always informed about the current charge status of the battery. Even better: in view of a battery consumption of only 0.39 kW per hour, the device is not only extremely economical, the integrated charger also makes the battery easy to charge at every outlet. The ECU 15 C is available for availability and flexibility. In use, the go-low-lift truck shines next to the one-handed single-handed operation for left and right-handed users with rounded and integrated drive-in rollers, which also make the handling performance more comfortable and efficient. The rugged chassis ensures longevity, even if the working day is a bit harder.

    £2,262.00 £2,195.00 +VAT
  • STILL ECU 16-30 Powered Pallet Truck

    Model RefFork Size
    ECU 16560 x 11501600
    ECU 30560 x 11503000

    The low-lift truck ECU is perfect for the horizontal transport of loads up to 3000kgs on short distances. Its compact dimensions and high maneuverability make it an ideal storage aid even in confined spaces, for example, for the provision of goods. The cleverly positioned creep travel switch is also a great advantage here, which is available as an option: it is located on the drawbar head, which makes precise maneuvering possible even with a vertical drawbar. Thanks to the well-designed dike design and the intelligent arrangement of the control elements, the ECU can be operated completely with one hand, whether with the right or the left hand. With the chassis made of robust materials, which also withstand stronger shocks without deformation.

    from: £3,850.00 +VAT
  • STILL EXU 16-20 Powered Pallet Truck

    Model RefFork Size
    EXU 16560 x 11501600
    EXU 18560 x 11501800
    EXU 20560 x 11502000

    Are you looking for a high-performance low-lift truck for short-haul transports weighing up to 2,000 kg? A warehouse helper that can be precisely and safely maneuvered even in tight spaces? Then you should look at the EXU! Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is ideally suited for applications where the space is limited – from narrow storage platforms, truck loading and unloading to supermarket operations. Clever: The unique OPTISPEED drawbar automatically adjusts the speed of the vehicle to the drawbar angle, which ensures a safe and speedy transport of goods. And with the ECO and BOOST driving programs, you can choose between maximum performance and the best possible efficiency at the push of a button.

    from: £4,275.00 +VAT
  • Record SQR20LW Heavy Duty Fully Powered Palllet Truck

    RECORD SQR20LW is a heavy duty fully powered hand pallet truck with 2000kg capacity

    – Ideal fork dimensions: 1150mm x 550mm perfect for handling most types of pallets (1150mm x 680mm option also available)
    – Modern, compact + extremely light design makes the SQR20LW suitable for application in a variety of warehouses, supermarkets and even on large lorries
    – Light service weight at 320kg including battery
    – High efficiency AC drive wheels with great power
    – Built in charger
    – Electric lift and drive

    from: £4,939.00 +VAT