Semi-Electric Stackers

  • Record CTE Semi-Electric Pedestrian Stacker

    The Record CTE Stacker is a well designed robust electric lift stacker, ideal for a wide range of different applications, such as off-loading lorries/vans, warehouse, production and racking, etc.

    – Record CTE, Capacities 1000kg + 1500kg
    – Available in lift heights 1600mm, 2500mm, 3000mm + 3500mm
    – Strong robust and classical design
    – Appealing Look
    – Fluent outline makes the CTE stand out from traditional stackers
    – Made of high quality steel to ensure stability and strength
    – Durable and serviceable
    – Easy to operate
    – Built-in charger
    – Available with adjustable forks as special request
    – CTES with straddle legs is ideal for closed board (EURO) pallets

    from: £1,648.00 +VAT
  • Record CTES Electric Stacker with Straddle Legs

    RECORD CTES, Semi Electric Stacker with straddle legs

    – Capacities 1000kg + 1500kg
    – Lift Heights: 1600mm, 2500mm, 3000mm + 3500mm
    – Heavy Duty 1500W electro-hydraulic power pack
    – Steering/Pulling Handle
    – Built-in Brake
    – Steer Wheel Foot Guards
    – Easy to operate, manual push/electric lift
    – Built-in Automatic charger
    – Adjustable Wide Straddle make CTMS ideal for both open + closed-board pallets

    from: £2,145.00 +VAT